Qurbani 2022

Help families enjoy their Eid Holiday! 

Our 2022 Qurbani Campaign will aim to feed 1000 families this year. These families barely have enough to sustain themselves. The luxury of having cooked meat is something most families may go years without enjoying. Qurbani is a part of the tradition of Islam to sacrifice and give back to those in need so that all can share in society's wealth. Our bakeries in Yemen, Syria, and Pakistan will prepare meat packages for families to enjoy and celebrate their Eid Holiday with the rest of the world.  

Your donations help provide nourishment for tens of thousands of people. With this campaign, $50 could bring smiles to an entire family as they enjoy meat and their holiday fully. 

*Money from recurring donors in this specific campaign will be used to feed families meat throughout the year.*

Freedom Bakeries is a signature project of Muslims Giving Back. After years of operating the Hunger Truck Program, we decided to expand on a global scale. Our goal is to help feed impoverished families across the globe wherever needed.

To date Freedom Bakeries has opened over 13 bakeries in 7 countries and fed over 13 million people. Currently, Freedom Bakeries is feeding 1,500 families daily with fresh local bread. 
Quick Donation:
Freedom Philanthropies is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Tax ID 85-4080008. Your donation is tax-deductible.

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